Flatwater’s team is a differentiator for lawyers and businesses needing to master volumes of digital evidence and data. Flatwater’s consultancy consists of former trial lawyers, legal professionals, and computer and  network forensic technologists with combined decades of experience in litigation, internal investigations, and information security. A team that has been operating at the specialized confluence of technology and the law, and innovating in this ever-changing field, Flatwater formed to bring its experience to bear as expert consultants in matters involving complex digital-evidence issues, delivering with the speed and precision counsel require to meet their clients' needs.


This level of expertise in substantive and procedural law, in trial advocacy and evidence, and in the law of information security, in combination with the skill to employ cutting edge forensic tools and to make ready use of relevant findings, is rare in the realm of forensic and litigation consultants.

To master the confluence of law and technology, we employ an interdisciplinary approach. Our Team of legal, forensic, computer and cybersecurity experts is inimitable, and the quality of our service is unparalleled. Our principals’ and team members’ resumes include:

  • Assistant and Special Assistant United States Attorneys; Chief of Major Crimes Section in the District of Colorado; Deputy District Attorney; and Federal Law Clerks, each with complex civil and criminal law experience

  • Military and CIA Training; National Security Council Legal Advisor; National Security Agency InfoSec Instructor; CIA Senior Advisor and Intelligence Analyst; POW Interrogation Training

  • Civil Trial Lawyers who have tried numerous complex federal and state cases; eDiscovery Lawyers and Paralegals who have managed voluminous eDiscovery in complex cases

  • Corporate experience as CISO, IT Director, and as Cybersecurity Advisors to Fortune 50 Companies 

  • Cyber and Forensic Certifications include: Information Systems Security Professional, InfoSec Manager, InfoSec Auditor, InfoSec Assessment Methodology, InfoSec Red Team Methodology, Computer Forensics Examiner, Hacking Forensic Investigator

  • Systems Architects, Data Analysts, Database Architects, Coders

Flatwater leverages strategic relationships, supported by our corporate technology partners at Vital Enterprises and Sift Discovery, to lead investigations and litigation driven by forensic and electronic data, vertically managing challenging matters of scale and volume. In its role as consulting expert, Flatwater is positioned to take advantage of the privileged relationship between counsel and client in internal investigations and in litigation, but Flatwater often works in careful coordination with testifying experts. Flatwater's strategic team member, Vident Partners, an experienced, national expert referral service, works with our clients to rapidly identify and vet testifying experts in the areas of Flatwater's expertise and a vast array of other substantive fields.