Flatwater Forensics is a digital consultancy like no other, built on an interdisciplinary approach to modern data risks. Our Team of Cybersecurity, legal, forensic, and computer experts is inimitable, marrying technical expertise with decades of practical experience on the ground, in the courtroom, and in the boardroom. Providing real, actionable analysis of complex data in today's enterprise environments, Flatwater renders the turbulent sea of digital evidence navigable.

Flatwater Forensics offers a boutique Cybersecurity and litigation consultancy built on this foundational principle: decision-makers require cogent translation from the emerging digital languages of Cybersecurity, privacy, forensics, and data analytics to the languages of business and law. Our team employs a singular focus—helping you understand and successfully navigate the perils at the confluence of data and your business ventures.


Flatwater provides the following representative digital consulting services:


  • Internal Investigation Management and Support

  • Network and Enterprise Forensics

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management, from Policy Development to Technical Implementation

  • Information Governance and Data Security Compliance

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments, Monitoring and Management

  • High-Volume eDiscovery Consulting

  • Fractional CISO/CPO Services

  • Voluminous Data Analytics


Operating under the privileged relationship between counsel and litigation consultant, Flatwater works in rapid, confidential consultation with counsel to develop, investigate and vet evidentiary and substantive theories that can be tested, verified and proved by digital evidence. Whether in support of internal investigations and information security, or to pursue legal claims, Flatwater's digital expertise drives investigation and litigation outcomes.


Flatwater offers a unique team that combines experienced, seasoned trial lawyers who understand legal and factual issues with technologically-savvy analysts skilled at finding digital evidence that may otherwise go unexploited. We know digital evidence, where to find it, how to quickly analyze it, and how to prepare it for use in legal settings.


Flatwater is committed to an interactive and feedback-based consultation. While other forensic and Cybersecurity consultants stop at the provision of voluminous and opaque software outputs that are difficult to use, Flatwater effectively translates the emerging digital languages. We provide the critical last mile in the digital-evidentiary chain—connecting the data to the case—crafting tactical and strategic analysis to inform business decision-makers and to help attorneys win motions, depositions and trials.

Flatwater Forensics has been vetted and approved by ClariLegal, an industry-defining vendor-management platform dedicated to supporting only elite legal-services vendors. ClariLegal's rigorous and in-depth vetting process tests every level of a vendor's services from the perspective that matters the most—from its clients. The ClariLegal seal means you can trust that Flatwater will provide class-leading, client-centric services that embody the ClariLegal ethos and sense of value.